Zero Delay Ensures Smoother Operation-Razer KISHI Gamepad Keeps the Delay Away

Gamepads are an essential add-on for mobile gamers, but most gamepads on the market are connected to mobile phones via Bluetooth.It is well known that the bluetooth game controller has a certain delay when controlling mobile game, thus affecting the operation and experience of the game.So is there a delay-free gamepad on the market?The answer is yes, the Razer KISHI gamepad is one.Razer KISHI gamepad does not need to be charged, it is connected to the phone through the Type-C interface directly.




Razer KISHI gamepad is small in appearance and adopts separated design. The key layout follows the classic switch key design, making it easy to use.





The Razer KISHI gamepad has two joystick levers, one on the left and the other on the right.The joystick is integrated with the handle, so replacement is not supported.The joystick can be pressed and operated smoothly.



What below the left joystick is the direction key of the handle with bright black design, so it is easy to catch fingerprints, but the rebound and press feedback are pretty nice.In addition, there are two small function keys on the left side of the handle.



There are four function keys on the right side of the gamepad, which are identified by the letters A, B, X and Y respectively, keeping the same with the layout of the classic gamepad.Button pressing is quiet and comfortable.



The right side of the handle also has a joystick,which just below the function keys.There is an indicator light on the right side of the right joystick to indicate whether the handle has been successfully connected.Notably, two strip holes are reserved on the right side of the handle, which are the two speakers for the phone’s sound.To be honest, such a design in the same kind of product is not often seen, Razer’s design is very thoughtful.



In addition to the front buttons, there are four trigger buttons on the left and right shoulder parts of the gamepad.





Razer KISHI gamepad is connected through a middle band, which can be adjusted according to the length of the phone and is compatible with most smartphones.Instead of sticking to the back of the phone, the strap on the Razer controller keeps a certain amount of space through the support on the mounting plate, which allows the phone to dissipate heat.



Razer KISHI gamepad is directly connected to the mobile phone through type-C interface on the right side of the gamepad, which avoids the delay caused by bluetooth connection, this is also the reason why Razer KISHI gamepad can achieve zero delay.Therefore, Razer KISHI game controller has certain requirements for smart phones, that is, the phone must use type-C interface, and the interface is located at the bottom center of the phone.


Razer KISHI gamepad does not have a built-in battery, it runs on the power of the phone.However, there is a Type-C interface outside the side of the handle, which can charge the phone through the handle and play while charging.



Overall, playing mobile game with a Razer KISHI gamepad is a real experience with zero latency.Compared with directly touching the phone screen to play games, playing mobile game with the Razer KISHI controller is more smooth and refreshing. Even if you play for a long time, your fingers will not feel tired. The game experience has been improved more than a little.