Razer Sanrio HelloKitty limited peripheral sharing

Razer made another big move! Razer and Sanrio jointly launched a full set of limited peripheral equipment for Hello Kitty, which includes four pieces of the mechanical keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, and wireless headset, directly arranged with a full set of equipment. With the blessing of this dual belief, our model generation has only one choice to surrender.


The packaging of the Hello Kitty limited peripheral series uses a uniform pattern style, and the true product can only be seen after opening the packaging. The packaging appetite is in place. In addition to fully displaying the Hello Kitty elements, it also hides the psychological hints that urge you to open the box quickly.


The four peripherals are: Hello Kitty mechanical keyboard customized based on Black Widow Spider X Competitive Edition, Hello Kitty mouse and mouse pad customized based on Viper Mini and heavy beetle cloth pad, and deeply customized based on Beihai Giant Monster Bluetooth version Hello Kitty limited edition wireless Bluetooth headset.


The Hello Kitty mechanical keyboard is an 87-key keyboard, which is deeply customized from the Black Widow Spider X Competitive Edition. The keyboard is composed of three colors of pink, blue and white, and the overall style instantly becomes cute and lovely.


The ESC key is Hello Kitty’s iconic bow, and Hello Kitty and her friends are surrounded by it.




The keyboard itself has a certain tilt angle, you can also open the foot support of the bottom shell to increase the tilt angle, and the sides are relatively slim.


The Razer green axis is equipped with a refreshing and crisp feel, and the light is a monochrome pink and purple backlight.


The Hello Kitty limited mouse pad is customized by Razer’s most classic heavy armor. The size of the mouse pad is about 355x254x3mm. It uses a seaming design. The pattern of the pad is that Hello Kitty and friends are lining up to cross the road, the patterns are the same as the outer packaging.


The Hello Kitty mouse is customized from the recent hot Viper Mini. The left and right buttons of the mouse are full of Hello Kitty and her friends. It is one of the main theme display points. The mouse wheel uses a rose-red color that matches the theme.


The Kitty avatar logo at the tail uses a light-transmitting design and displays pink and purple lights by default, which closely echoes the theme.



There is also a U-shaped light strip at the tail of the mouse, the default light color is also pink purple.


The Hello Kitty limited Bluetooth wireless gaming headset is customized by the Beihai Giant Monster Bluetooth version. The cat ears on the head beam are also designed with blood inheritance, which is very consistent with the original image of Hello Kitty.


The soul of the earphone is this iconic rose-red bow. As long as you put on the earphone, you will become a Kitty cat in minutes.


The inside of the head beam is printed with Hello Kitty and her friends, and the inside is filled with memory foam, which not only exudes cuteness but also maintains the function of wearing comfortably.


Among the four peripheral products, in addition to the mouse pad, only the earphone has an obvious “RAZER” logo on the outside of the head beam. 


The default lighting of the headset is also pink and purple, which is matched with the white shell, giving people a simple, elegant, refreshing, and clean feeling.



The function keys and interfaces are concentrated on the side of the left earmuff, and different functions can be realized by long and short press or multiple clicks, which is also very convenient to operate.


The keyboard itself adopts a floating design, full of sense of technology, with a set of light-transmitting keycaps made of ABS laser engraving technology, it is very comfortable to touch, and the light transmission is very uniform. The upper panel is made of aluminum alloy, and it can be said that it does not shrink at all in terms of workmanship and materials.



The size of the mouse is about 118x56x38mm, and the weight without wires is only about 58 grams, which can be said to be very light. At the same time, it is equipped with a PAW3359 optical sensor, which also allows the mouse to reach up to 8500DPI.


The headset uses Bluetooth 5.0 mode to connect. When the lights are turned off, the battery life can last up to about 50 hours, and the lights can also have about 20 hours of battery life, which is enough to meet the needs of going out early and returning late.


Compared with Razer’s previous themed peripheral products, this Sanrio Hello Kitty limited edition uses a more detailed and personalized design, and every detail of each peripheral is closely integrated with the Hello Kitty theme. Which girl does not have a little princess in her heart? Have you never had your own princess dream? This set of Razer Hello Kitty limited edition peripherals displays this pink dream on the desktop, making the desktop and even the entire room full of innocent dreams. Under the combined stimulation of this dual belief, I don’t know how many people will be willing to bow down under Kitty’s skirt to relive the princess dream that has appeared countless times in their childhood.