3 thin 5G mobile phones to relieve pressure on the little finger

Many people only pay attention to configuration, camera and other parameters when changing a mobile phone, but ignore the pressure brought to the finger by the weight of the phone in daily use.


Many people have encountered the situation in the figure above, holding a mobile phone to play games for an afternoon or after a night of watching drama, and then, the little finger will be “weight” excessive mobile phone pressure out of the naked eye deformation trace, and if such operation for a long time, will also lead to the deformation of the little finger joint.Therefore, under the same configuration, choosing a thin and light phone will undoubtedly bring more excellent daily use experience.

1.iPhone 12


If you have time to go to the store and touch the real iPhone 12, the first thing you’ll notice is how thin, light and comfortable it is.With the Apple iPhone 12, no one will argue with its features. The 6.1-inch OLED Retina screen plus the 5G-capable A14 and the double 12-megapixel optimized night shot are in one flagship that performs well in all aspects.

2.vivo X60


Newly listed vivo X60 series is also a consideration, it is the flagship of the handle and appearance level, and its biggest bright spot is the Zeiss camera module, the second generation of micro main perturbation plus Zeiss unique Biotar portrait lens and 13 million pixels super-wide dive at zoom, both pictures and photography can easily win.


It is equipped with the Samsung Exynos 1080, which is slightly better than the Snapdragon 865, and uses a Samsung 120Hz AMOLED display with a high refresh rate and is also a well-balanced flagship phone.

3.realme Q2 Pro


The RealMe, in addition to the popular AG matte color scheme, the RealMe Q2 Pro also has a leather version that is only available on the flagship phone. It has a Breguet 800U 5G processor, a Samsung Super AMOLED display screen and a 65W quick charge that many flagship phones don’t have. It’s really powerful. For the above phones that can reduce the pressure of the little finger, do you have one you like?