4L large capacity let the food done in one pot

This multi-functional cooking pot is mainly in white color and the round body design looks very fashionable.This kind of cooking pot basically contains the functions of electric wok, electric hot pot, electric steamer, electric stewing pot, electric baking tray and breakfast machine. It is very convenient to use whether it is Chinese food or western food.


The cooker has a capacity of 4L and can cook a whole fish or chicken.You can also cook a good thick soup.


In order to prevent buring the bottom in cooking or baking, the bottom of the dial using food grade no-touch coating, with high temperature resistance characteristics.Whether it is fried eggs or fried steak,it basically can do without lampblack.


In addition to its large capacity, the cooking pot is also powerful in power. The front side is equipped with a 3-gear knob, which can be selected according to your own needs. Its maximum heating power can reach 1500W, and it can heat up quickly in 3 seconds and boil water quickly in 3 minutes.



In terms of safety, in order to prevent the temperature from being too high, a thermostat is set inside the cooking pot, which can intelligently monitor and detect when the temperature is too high, and automatically disconnect the power. When the temperature drops below the safe value, it will automatically return to the heating state.





In order to prevent the high temperature in the cooking pot from being transmitted to the surface and easily scald the skin, it adopts the design of 3 layers of heat insulation lock temperature, which ensures that the temperature on the surface of the machine is still in the normal state while the internal temperature is rising rapidly, and the temperature is not hot.