5 exquisite stationery recommendations

Stationery is an indispensable thing in our daily life. While notebooks, iPads, and mobile phones are taking the place of copywriting, stationery is still a part of our lives, whether as a student or an office worker. Stationery can actually add to the fun, with exquisite stationery to do tedious work, work seems to become no longer so boring. Therefore, today I will recommend to you a few exquisite stationery shops.


1. Smidapaper

Smidapaper Stationery’s merchandise includes stickers, tape, rubber stamps, and wax seals, all of which are very delicate. The stationery from Smidapapaer doesn’t cost too much. Stationery from the Misshoegg line can get you a postcard for RM8, and you can get a Dream Girl and duct tape for RM25. The Misshoegg stationery pattern is so simple and not too fake that it feels like painting with stickers and tape.

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Besides, I’d like to recommend the Kurukynki series. In addition to rubber stamps, this series also includes sealants and stickers. The design is also simple, but you can mix and match patterns to create a very unique piece. The Kurukynki range is available from RM11.50. Smidapaper also has a lot of beautiful stationery for you to check out.

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WRITER Stationery sells famous brands such as Mossery, Winsor & Newton, and Midori. WRITER Stationery sells embossers for around RM54. You can also buy 37 patterns at around RM28 each and put the letters and patterns into the embossing machine according to your needs and preferences to create beautiful patterns on the paper. Also, there are many excellent calligraphy pens, brush pens, and ink pens available on WRITER’s online store.

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3. Notebook Therapy

In addition to stationery, Notebook Therapy also sells fancy items such as hand-held shopping bags, backpacks, phone cases, and diffusers. Notebook Therapy’s case is made from vegan leather and soft cord, and it can stand up, which is pretty cute. The case comes in nine colors (including three from the winter collection and the latest lilac Taro). You can now buy it from Notebook Therapy online for RM80.65 (original price: RM88.72).

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Also, Notebook Therapy will be giving away three more sets to three lucky people in conjunction with the new “Winter Series” for the four seasons of Tsuki. All you need to do is go to notebook_theraoy’s IG to thumb up post and follow up with Milkkoyo to get your chance to win. The campaign will end on January 23, so please seize the opportunity. You can also go to their online shop.


CONTENT is not actually a stationery store, but rather sells a variety of products from Tokyo, Japan, including everyday items such as kitchen utensils, bathroom supplies, and gardening. The products Koncent sells are very useful, such as the Animal Index, which is cute and can be used to sort things in bookcases. The index comes in three designs, namely reindeer, giraffe, and pig, priced at RM31.50 (original price: RM63). If you like practical and beautiful stationery, you can check out Koncent’s online store.

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TAIYO stationery store sells a wide variety of stationery, and today I want to recommend the Kamifumibako mailbox. The concept of this mailbox is to allow you to store stationery efficiently. It has four compartments for stationery, envelopes and stickers, tape, cards, and stamps. Its size is 7.5 x 24.6 x 24.3cm and the price is RM78 (original price: RM98). TAIYO Stationery also sells transparent stamps, tape, writing paper, and stickers at its online store.

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Beautiful and lovely stationery is indispensable in life. The above stores sell beautiful and practical stationery, please go and have a look!