7 tips to help you secure your Android phone from hackers

Android is the most used operating system in the world. It covers more than 85% of the world’s smartphone market share. But, iOS always beats Android in security. However, these 7 tips can help you secure your Android phone from hackers


1. Download Apps from the Secure and Trusted Sources

Google Play Store strictly keep the track of apps that’s been adding on their platform. Besides, you can immediately report the apps that you find suspicious. Any third party app store is more likely to contain malware or viruses in their files and cannot be trusted. 

2. Read and Accept App Permission Carefully

Some applications will ask permission to access your phone’s media, camera, location, mic, etc. Most people don’t even care about that and use the application at will, which is pretty dangerous and your phone may be hacked. So, next time be aware and think before you prove permission to an app.

3. Install an Antivirus App

Viruses come from different sources and have many kinds, you will never know when and how your phone is hacked. Every device needs protection from viruses and  essential scanning of device and applications are needed. You can install an antivirus app to automatically detect and remove viruses from your device.


4. Always keep the Android and Apps Versions Updated

Hacker will penetrate the device through the loopholes obtained from the older versions of the application and operating system. Hence, keeping your device updated will help improve its security because the latest version fixes those vulnerabilities or loopholes.

5. Install the Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is used to remotely control your Android device to locate, lock or wipe the files in case it gets lost or stolen. You can install Android Device Manager from Google Play Store for the following purposes:

· Locate the device.

· Lock the device.

· Wipe the device.

· Help someone track and control his lost/stolen device.

6. Avoid Public Wi-Fi

This is a basic but important precaution. Only use a trusted internet connection in your device. Generally, the public Wi-Fi are not secure. Use VPN to direct secure traffic through encrypted mobile connections.

7. Use Pin/Passwords to Lock Your Device and Apps

It is important to use passwords to lock your device and applications to improve your phone’s security. You need to set the password at good strength. You can choose alphanumeric pin or pattern lock as a password for your phone. Set an automatic lock for your device when it is idle.

I really hope these 7 tips can help you.