A primary HIFI earphone: Whizzer Kylin HE01


What I experienced this time is the Whizzer Kylin HE01 dual-chamber dynamic earphones.

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The crystal clear panel, resembling a girl’s nail art, or a water droplet full of tension. The lightning-shaped W logo is highly recognizable.


The overall style of champagne gold alloy frame is retro, simple yet elegant, reminiscent of the exquisite decoration in the Palace of Versailles in France, the exterior part has made its own taste, and it is definitely a good product.

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The transparent cavity is what I love to see, the 10.2mm size unit is clearly visible, and Weize officially calls it the 4th Gen BRIGHT series custom moving coil.


With the metal conduit and multi-layer special filter screen, the overall workmanship is exquisite, using the common 0.78mm double needle interface that is easy to plug and unplug.


Kylin HE01 is a single-moving coil unit earplug, the overall performance is remarkable. In terms of sound source matching, it is an extremely easy-to-drive type. Even with a mobile phone, it will make people feel good. The author prefers European and American rock and electronic music. In this kind of dynamic music, HE01 is easy to get a full and tense sense of hearing. It belongs to the style with a brighter first ear. With the blessing of high resistance and rich elements, the sound has a good thickness.

In terms of three-frequency, HE01 gives people the impression that it focuses more on the description of mid-to-high frequency. The high frequency has a relatively high extension. It pursues a strong sense of hearing while maintaining a clean and layered state. The mid-frequency part is not too heavy, but a soft and relaxing texture. This style makes many thick voices more delicate and soft. The low-frequency performance is relatively low-key. Players who are accustomed to low-frequency plugs may feel a little light. 

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The blessing of the large-size unit makes its sound form very full and uniform.


All in all, you can see the attitude of domestic manufacturers to strive for excellence on HE01. It is very consistent with the style expectations of a primary HIFI earplug. The sound and taste of HE01 convey a kind of affinity. Whether you are a primary HIFI player or simply attracted by its appearance, I think it is worth a try.

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