All-around Expansion: The Biaze KZ12 Docking Station Experience

When we are using the laptpo we can discover some notebook only configured two C port.So if you want to get a better experience or achieve more uses, getting a docking station is a necessary configuration.


After many comparisons and recommendations from my friends, I finally chose Biaze’s KZ12.With this device, you can expand the USB 3.0 interface of USB-A and the RJ45 network port.


This docking station can be used for connecting and expanding different equipment in office working or business travel. It has a nice texture on the outside.Gray-blue also appears sedate when used in business.On the surface is the Biaze logo.In fact, I have used many products of this brand, they all have a good experience.This is the reason why I choose and trust this brand.


The aluminum alloy shell material has a light and durable effect.Of course, with long – time use the  excellent heat dissipation performance will appear. This is the position of the interface. The dustproof cover also provides good protection for the storage.


The side positions are three USB-3.0 ports.It can realize 5Gbps fast transmission.Usb flash drive, hard disk or linked mouse and other peripherals are easy to use.


The high speed network port of 100M can realize the effect of web page refresh quickly.


The placement of interfaces at certain intervals is considered inconspicuous by many people.But I think it’s necessary.After all, some cables have bigger heads.This avoids interference.Different devices can be conveniently used synchronously.




The stability and speed is due to the GL3510 plus RTL8152 chips combination built into the product.


After been used many times, it can be said that the Biaze KZ12 really brings convenience to me.It solves the problem of insufficient laptop interface, and it is compatible with mobile phone, tablet and other devices.So, this is a product worthy of recommendation.