Anti-sneak shooting weapon for business trips, PROX anti-sneak shooting detector

Pinhole cameras are extremely concealed, such as hotel sockets, decorations, showers, edges of lamps, etc., because the exposed volume is extremely small, it is difficult to find. What’s more, some cameras are also disguised as indicators of routers and TV set-top boxes, etc., even if they see them, they will ignore them.


Today, I will introduce you a product, the anti-candid “artifact” produced by Hangzhou Booke Technology Innovation Co., Ltd.-PROX.

Appearance experience
The packaging of the PROX anti-candid camera detector is relatively simple. The product is contained in a small transparent box, and what you see is what you get.


PROX: host*1, charging data cable*1, manual*1, ring cord*1.


Viewed from the front, the PROX anti-candid camera is a square, with a big PROX letter in the lower right corner, and its optical observation window (filter) in the upper left corner. With a yellow housing and a black frame, the whole body still looks pretty good. Fashionable, I believe this looks, most young ladies will like it.


The back of the PROX is also the same large area of yellow, and the circle of the optical observation window that is different from the front is covered with black plastic, so that it can not only distinguish the front and the back easily, but also does not appear monotonous. In the lower part of the optical observation window, three small dots are PROX LED strobe lights.


The protruding position on the upper right corner of the PROX is the switch button, short press to turn on, long press to turn off.


At the bottom left corner is the Micro-USB charging port. Unfortunately, the Type-C port is not used.


There is a ring rope in the box, which can be tied to the special lanyard hole in the lower right corner of the PROX. Here is a small complaint. This lanyard is a bit difficult to wear. I took a lot of effort to wear it.


The size of PROX is 60mm*60mm*20mm, and the weight is about 35 grams. It is small and exquisite. It is very convenient to hang it on the bag or hold it with the ring rope.


The design concept of the PROX anti-sneak camera detector is to focus on the anti-peep function, so it abandons all kinds of other meaningless functions and can be used when it is turned on. There is a built-in high-sensitivity detection chip, and its detection ring can scan 360° in all directions. It also supports optical search detection methods. Let’s take a look at its specific usage.

◆Induction search:

Press the upper right switch once, the ring light strip on the front of the PROX will start to light up and turn in a circle. At this time, the PROX enters the induction search mode. After that, you only need to hold it and move slowly up and down in the space to be inspected to start searching for the camera.

After finding the camera, the LED ring will stop moving, and PROX will give out a vibration prompt immediately. The position where the LED light is lit is the orientation of the camera.



It should be noted here that the detection efficiency of PROX needs to be high in a relatively dark environment. If the light in the space is too bright, PROX will give a vibrating prompt. At this time, we can draw the curtains or wait for the darker to detect.

◆Optical search:

Short press the power button again, the PROX strobe light starts to flicker, then enter the optical search mode, we look through the filter to see if there is a red dot in the space, if there is a red dot, it means there is a camera. .



PROX has a built-in 200mAh battery, which can last for about 7 days after testing. This battery life means that after fully charged, we can use it for 1 hour a day. We can also use it for a long time. Take it to enjoy the journey with complete peace of mind. No need to worry about privacy being exposed.


To sum up
Let me talk about the advantages:

◆The appearance is stylish and beautiful, and the small lanyard is designed for easy carrying;

◆Simple operation, sensitive detection, two detection methods, privacy guaranteed.

Where manufacturers can improve:

◆The lanyard hole is more difficult to wear. It is recommended that the manufacturer optimize the mold;

◆It is recommended to use the Type-C interface for the charging interface. After all, Type-C is now the mainstream, and it can be used with mobile phone data lines when going out.

In recent years, sneak shooting incidents have broken out. Everyone is paying more and more attention to their privacy. They will check it carefully when entering a hotel or rental house. However, some cameras are really disguised and it is very difficult to check, we can check the safety of this space in just a few minutes, and you can enjoy it even in public and private places.