You Deserve a Better TV to Enjoy Watching the Football Game

Real Madrid just won over Granada by the score 2-0 at the on Wednesday night.

I believe their are countless fans in the world who like the Real Madrid very much, and there are more people who love watching football game. To have a better visual effect, you need a better TV and the OLED TV is definitely a good choice.


For those who are still wondering about OLED, here are some advantages of OLED over LCD and projection:

Thin border and thin panel

OLED TVS tend to be visually striking: they typically have ultra-narrow bezels and ultra-thin panels.The minimalist appearance not only makes the home more simple atmosphere, but also provides more installation and operation space for TV and projection.


Top quality picture enjoyment

In addition to its minimalist appearance, the OLED TV’s display is also top-notch. The OLED screen impressed me most with its ultra-high contrast and attractive colors.OLED TV can achieve pixel-level light control: the light, shade and color of the whole picture can be achieved by controlling countless individual light changes of pixels separately.Although ordinary LCD TV is also trying to reduce the brightness plus more partition control light to approach the OLED effect, it is difficult for ordinary LCD screen to display all black images, more or less always have brightness display, which leads to the overall picture uniformity is not high, light leakage and other phenomena, especially in the dark viewing environment.


Contrast is critical to the visual effect, and it also determines the color performance.The only way to improve the contrast is to make the black as close to pure black as possible;And as much peak brightness as possible.So a TV like OLED achieves a million-nit contrast with a brightness that is infinitely close to zero nits at darkest plus a peak brightness of 1,000 Nits at brightest.


In addition, OLED TVS with higher peak brightness also have a larger viewing Angle than LCD TVS, and spontaneous light technology also makes HDR more effective, resulting in a more realistic picture display and viewing experience.


Low blue light, no flicker, better eye protection

Due to the LED light source irradiation, the blue wavelengths produced by LCD TVS on the market are mostly concentrated at about 415-455 nanometers, and the peak spectrum is short-wave blue, which does great harm to human eyes.OLED televisions, on the other hand, emit color light per pixel and produce blue light with a wavelength of between 460 and 480 nanometers, depending on how they emit light.Oleds have less blue light energy, so they do less damage to the human eye over a long period of time.


The TUV Rhein measurement results show that the “non-video flash” phenomenon of OLED panels was determined to be 0%.In addition, the screen flicker standard in UL results was 9.6% and the OLED panel was certified as “flicker-free” at a lower rate of 1.3%. 

So it will help a lot with the protection to your eyes by choosing OLED TVs.