Apple A15 processor scores are exposed: GPU performance is 44% higher than A14

The performance of Apple’s A14 processor has made Android hard to beat, and the A15, which will soon be installed in the iPhone 13 series, will continue to expand its advantages.

A whistleblower revealed that in the prototype test in July this year, the A15 processor achieved a score of 198FPS in the GFXBench Manhattan 3.1 scene. Regrettably, the GPU frequency was reduced in the second test, which caused the score to drop to 140~150FPS.

Apple A14 is currently the world’s highest score in the GFXBenc Manhattan 3.1 scene, at 137FPS, which means that the GPU performance of A15 has increased by up to 44%. Of course, the media said that A14 can actually get 170.7FPS, so the increase is 16%.

In terms of Android SoC, Kirin 9000 scored 119, followed by Snapdragon 888 Plus’s 118FPS. Compared with A15, the increase was 66% and 67%. The same is Manhattan 3.1, the performance increase of A14 compared to A13 is 35%.

Of course, Manhattan 3.1 is just a measure of GPU. According to Apple’s official data, overall, compared with A13, A14 has a CPU performance increase of about 16%, and a GPU performance increase of only 8.3%. It is said that the A15 is still a 6-core CPU processor, and the process is upgraded to TSMC’s N5P, which is a 5nm enhanced version.