Apple staged “Information Gate”, a variety of iPhone collectively recruited

Perhaps even Apple itself would not have thought that the iPhone 12 series has encountered so many problems since its release. Although Apple has not explicitly responded to most of the problems, this does not conceal the fact that the problem exists.


“Information Gate”

On December 11, local time, many overseas technology media including 9To5Mac reported that many Apple models, including iPhone 12/11/XR/SE2/X, could not accept SMS after upgrading to the latest version of iOS 14 mobile operating system , Or the corresponding information notifications, etc., are mainly concentrated on the two system versions of iOS 14.1 and iOS 14.2. This problem also exists even on the iOS 14.3 version that Apple has currently publicly tested.


Apple officially did not give a formal response to this issue, but foreign media said that it wants to solve the above problem, which may require the operator to use an updated firmware to solve it, or Apple needs to fix this problem in an upcoming firmware update.

In fact, before the “information door”, Apple also encountered a series of problems with the “green screen door”, “broken touch door”, “battery door”, “painted door” and so on on the iPhone 12 series this year.

“Green Screen Door”

The “green screen door” of iPhone 12 is mainly manifested as the irregular greenish phenomenon when the gray screen is displayed at low brightness. From the smallest iPhone 12 mini to the largest iPhone 12 Pro Max, it may be “successful”, according to According to foreign media reports, Apple has admitted that, in some cases, the iPhone 12 screen will show flickering, green or gray light, and other unexpected color changes.

Apple stated that it is aware of user reports related to this issue and is investigating. According to reports, Apple will fix the issue of iPhone 12 screen turning green through software updates, and users do not need to replace hardware.


According to the situation, both LG and Samsung may roll over and cause iPhone12 green screen. G9N is a better Samsung screen (the luminous material has a low chance of overturning); G9P is a poor quality Samsung screen (only qualified, good quality is slightly lower, Some of them will appear light green, or a very uniform full-screen green condition); G9Q is also a Samsung screen, and the quality is better than G9P; GVC is LG’s best screen (a small part will appear green, with high yield) ; GH is LG’s relatively general screen (basically prone to various green screen phenomena, good and bad.)

“Broken Touch Door”

“Broken touch door” refers to the iPhone 12 series consumers may encounter sound quality problems when using certain Made for iPhone hearing aid devices, and individual hearing aids become unable to pair. This problem is called “broken contacts.” However, Apple officially responded to this question.

[1] Some hearing aids/devices connected to iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max may experience unexpected noises, including loud static sparks, audio interruption or intermittent stop, and audio garbled ;

[2] Regarding the iPhone 12 mini disconnection reported by other users, everyone has reported on various online forums, including Apple’s support community and Reddit, and the official said it will actively follow up.


“Battery Door”

The poor battery life of the iPhone is a well-known problem, but the biggest problem encountered by the iPhone 12 series is that under the premise of its poor battery life, there is also a phenomenon of abnormal standby power consumption, which has nothing to do with whether the phone is used or not. In the standby state, the battery power consumption accelerates, turning off Wi-Fi and 5G or turning off the background application refresh does not improve the battery power consumption of the iPhone 12 in the standby state.


Even if the iPhone 12 is in low power mode, the battery consumption is almost the same, which has seriously affected everyone’s normal use. Even if you check the battery usage report, you can’t find the culprit that caused this situation, which makes consumers really Can not accept. At present, Apple is aware of the accelerated battery consumption of iPhone 12 in standby mode, and how to fix it in the future remains to be seen.


“Drop Paint Door”

The iPhone 12 and 12 mini use an aluminum middle frame. The coloring should be anodized. The paint drop problem should be the same as that of the iPhone 5’s paint door. The material and craftsmanship are determined. However, this problem is currently limited to a very small group of people, and the impact is relatively small compared to the previous ones.


“Kan Brother Talking”

Regarding smart electronic products, we often hear the term “good product rate”, which refers to the proportion of non-defective products in the total number of products produced. However, Apple’s issue is obviously not a problem of yield rate, but component selection and Process polishing problem. For Apple, the product area really needs to be polished. It should have returned to “steadiness” long ago. If it blindly pursues fast, it will always overturn, right?