Apple’s M1X chip data has been exposed, the key upgrade lies in the GPU

Some information about the M1X that is the upgraded version of the Apple M1 chip has appeared on the benchmark website CPU Monkey. It is worth mentioning that the specifications of the chip are based on actual test results of pre-samples rather than final products. It is expected to be released in the second quarter of this year.


CPU Monkey predicts that Apple MacBook Pro 14 (2021), Apple MacBook Pro 16 (2021), and Apple iMac 27 (2021) will be equipped with this chip.

From a simple data analysis, the M1X chip is a 12-core Apple Silicon chip with increased power consumption. As an iteration of M1, it is understandable that the chip has been upgraded from 8 CPU cores to 12 CPU cores. In addition, the chip’s GPU has 16 cores, which is equivalent to the double structure of the 8-core GPU in the M1.


we can’t independently verify the accuracy of these specifications, so it might be more reasonable to treat them as predictions rather than revelations about the next-generation Mac chipset. However, the specifications of the chip are indeed consistent with those released by Apple this year. According to the list, Apple’s M1X is still a 3.2GHz chip based on a 5nm process.


If this prediction is accurate, the upgrade of this generation of M1X will focus on the graphics part. The listing indicates that M1X may have a 16-core GPU with a maximum of 16GB of memory. It may have 256 execution units instead of M1’s 128 units and can connect three displays at the same time instead of two.