Beats Powerbeats Pro special edition earphones

On January 25, 2021, Beats by Dr. Dre (Beats) and Fragment Design officially released a special edition Powerbeats Pro true wireless earphone.


This earphone pays tribute to the subversive design style of Fragment’s owner Hiroshi Fujiwara, abandoning all decorations, highlighting the ultra-simple and beautiful appearance. The headset adopts a stylish and minimalist all-black design, with the classic double lightning logo printed on one earbud, and the FRGMT brand word printed on the other earbud. The inside of the included charging box is also designed in black with a double lightning logo and is equipped with a set of stickers.


The collaboration between Beats and Fragment has a long history. The first collaboration can be traced back to the futuristic metal style series jointly launched in 2014. Since then, it has cooperated many times to launch many including special customized BeatsX and “VINYL” record stores. Customized items and activities. This cooperation is the second product series officially launched by the two major brands.


The Lookbook released at the same time as the product release fully demonstrated the technological appearance of the Powerbeats Pro special edition headset and fully demonstrated Hiroshi Fujiwara’s ability to create a sense of eternity in the design while still being able to integrate into the spirit and culture of the current era. This product is performed by the Beats athlete Sydney McLaughlin.


The listening time of the earphone can be up to 9 hours, and the charging box can be used for more than 24 hours. It can be continuously played for 1.5 hours after charging for 5 minutes, and it can be continuously played for up to 4.5 hours after charging for 15 minutes. Siri can be used on IOS devices and a one-key Bluetooth connection with iPhone can be realized through short-range pairing technology. iPhone users can freely switch between devices logged in to the same iCloud account and easily switch from iPhone to MacBook.