Whizzer Kylin HE01 headphone-retro symbol in the new age

Now in our daily life, music has become an indispensable part. In fact, for serious headphone lovers, wired in-ear headphones are absolutely their first choice, after all, the sound quality of a good headphone will never surpass that of a wired headphone.I recently acquired another pair of earphones, the Kylin HE01 in-ear headphones from Whizzer.



For some people, headphone sound quality is one of the most important factors, so they don’t care about appearance too much. But I think the appearance level is as important as the sound quality, the Kylin HE01 headset is such a product. 


The earphone is also combined with the specially customized Easy Tips silicone earplug sleeve, which takes into consideration its design sense, making the sound performance and wearing more comfortable. At the same time, the appearance material of the earphones is also made of smooth resin glue dropping process. The classic copper metal outer frame gives the earphones a different feeling and is particularly attractive.


The 10.2mm fixed dynamic unit is used in the sound cavity to achieve a more natural low-frequency response. The composite diaphragm with a large magnetic flux of about 1.2 teslas brings natural and clean sound bottom and sound field performance. The low-resistance and high-sensitivity design can have high quality dynamic performance on different front ends.


Kylin HE01 headset is also equipped with a HDSS acoustic filtering system, which adopts its patented acoustic technology to greatly improve the sound density and permeability, and create a clear and rich listening atmosphere.


The plug of the earphones is customized by the Kylin brand. The specification is 3.5mm. The outer part of the plug is wrapped with alloy material, which is very solid and durable.