Breaking News: Xiaomi reopens the Mi Store in the UK after the shutting down

Hey, Mi fans in the UK! Please don’t despair that Xiaomi closed the UK Mi Store last year — it’s back. The company has already reopened its shop at London’s Westfield shopping center in Shepard’s Bush roughly a year after shutting it down.

The updated store once again offers you an opportunity to watch and try Xiaomi products first-hand, whether they’re phones, fitness trackers, or scooters. That has been relatively easy in China, India, and some other parts of the world, but it’s been difficult in the UK.

Xiaomi had opened the Apple-like store in November 2018 to help foster its then-fledgling UK presence. The tech giant shuttered the store in early March 2020 as an adjustment to the retail strategy and a rapidly growing Western European business.


It does not help that the COVID-19 pandemic was spreading rapidly at that stage, either. There would not have been much point to reopening a store customers couldn’t visit.

The timing is proper and okay. AnalystoXiaomi just became the world’s second-largest phone brand, overtaking Apple. The UK store could help Xiaomi grow further. It could also signal that the company is here to stay — and that rivals like Apple and Samsung have to take it seriously if they expect to thrive.