Change another kids bed singapore to improve your kid’s sleep

On the path of children’s growth, in addition to the parents, the bed is undoubtedly the second companion.Choosing a bed that your child likes not only makes them feel respected and improves their daily well-being, but it can also help parents solve the problem of children sleepiness. So, how to choose the kids bed that they like, or say, single bed and bunk bed which is better, let’s  analyze and compare them.

Bunk bed-practical choice

The main characteristic of double decker bed is the area of a bed can have the use space of two beds, this also is the main reason that most parents choose and buy double decker children bed, this is very practical for the family that has two children.


And for children, they generally prefer bunk beds, because they find it fun to climb up and down.Plus the shape of the bunk beds is more diverse, some will be equipped with slides or tents, which will inspire kids’ playful heart.



Round corner design and anti – collision soft bag surrounding all corners will always protect the safety of children.


The Ladder cabinet and cabinet at bed bottom contain store content function that can cultivate children’s receive consciousness.


But bunk beds aren’t the perfect option, either, as the top of the bottom bunk blocks light and views, making them more likely to feel oppressive. So we should choose bunk bed that with wider base, or perhaps make sure lamplight is adequate, a floor lamp  near the head of a bed is a kind of solution.

Single bed-safe choice

The shape of single kid’s bed is relatively monotonous compared to the bunk bed, but its line of sight will be better and it is more spacious, parents do not have to worry about the child will encounter the head or accidentally fall down when getting out of bed.


And the use range of monolayer bed  is not restricted, you don’t have to change another bed by the growing of your kid. The use of monolayer bed also avoided all sorts of small contradiction because of different rest tim and the mutual disturb.



Ok, after reading the introduction, do you know how to choose between a single bed or a bunk bed?Remember to let your kif join in the discussion of buying, let the child choose a good partner, sleep well, grow tall.