8 high energy furniture fom IKEA! Let your children enjoy form 0 to 16!

Children grow so fast, baby bed can only be used for a year or two, a small desk can be used at most three or four years, compared to the adult furniture they are of “short life” and are not cheap, but if you come up with the furniture of adult size to the child, it is not only not easy to use, also not conducive to cultivate children’s independence, what to do with this issue? Don’t worry, this problem has already had careful designer to consider.Ikea has “growth furniture” for kids that can be used from birth to adolescence, and we’ve picked the 8 best things to buy.



A disper bed that to change your baby’s diapers by standing is so important for postpartum mothers who often suffer from back pain.It is more convenient to have a special diaper stand as a changing area and body care area for the baby than to change the diaper and do body care directly on the bed, sofa and floor.



And its biggest bright spot is, after the baby grows up, you can fold its mesa rise and make it become the cabinet.




This Stovall diaper stand also has a powerful storage function, but it is more powerful than the previous one, the countertop height of the diaper stand has three gear adjustment. In the babyhood it is diaper table, when the baby grow up to two or three years old, lower the height of the table, it will become a toy table, and so on the child grow up to four or five years old, the table can be turned into a children’s desk. One thing as three.





When the children were babies, they spent most of their time in a crib. This baby bed of Sunway series has two installation heights. When the baby is born, set the bed high first, and when the baby is able to sit, the bed frame is lowered, so that the child can safely and smoothly pass through different stages during the baby period and after.


When the child is a bit older again, you can pull down the side of the bed, let the child get up and down the bed without climb over the railing.


Another advantage of the detachable enclosure is that the crib can be combined directly with an adult’s bed, which can be space-efficient if the room is small.




The bed board of this crib has two levels height to be able to rise and fall, it is better than the last one is also obvious: this bed has more than three drawers that can receive children’s sundry, and the appearance level is still very high!





By the time your child reaches the age of three, the crib won’t be big enough for his growing body, so he can get a separate kid bed. This kid bed from IKEA has a minimum length of 138cm and a maximum length of 208cm, which allows children to sleep until they reach adulthood.





When children begin to read and write, if the posture is not correct, it will lead to hunchback, scoliosis and other physical problems which is very affective to the child’s development.


This desk can be adjusted to 53, 62 and 72cm according to the height of children at different stages. It is suitable for reading, doing homework, doing handwork and so on. It is suitable for children from kindergarten to primary school, and the ikea official website suggests that it can be used from children’s 0 to 12 years old.



The table can also be tilted to help the child maintain good writing posture, and it has a groove to prevent pens and other small objects from slipping off when it is tilted.


No.7 PAHL 


This desk is also an elevating desk. The difference is that there is a narrow slot in the position of the legs to hold the wiring boards. If you want to use a desk lamp or a computer, this one will be more convenient.


It has three levels of height adjustment. 59cm is suitable for 3-6 years old, 66cm for 6-9 years old, and 72cm for 9-13 years old, which is the most suitable for children from primary school to junior high school.




When the child gradually enters adolescence, the territorial consciousness is stronger. What to do if you want to provide a place for the child to study but the home space is limited? The elevate bed that combines desk, closet and shelf together is the best solution.


Children can sleep, study and play in this castle-like place, and for children who like to climb up and down, this composite bed is a big toy for their childhood.