Small home’s essential! Sofa bed-a good thing with practical function

The layout of modern houses is more and more simple and practical. Accordingly muti-function furniture also ascends the furniture of public gradually must buy list. Today, let’s take a look at some of the most popular sofa beds among homebodies, we are going to compare them and pick out the highlights.

1 Leather sofa bed


This exquisite quality sofa bed is made of cowhide at the top, soft and breathable. Coupled with simple and unique style, it makes the living room more high-grade.Multi-gear adjustable headrest and 90-180 degree adjustable back rest can meet different attitude requirements. Coupled with high-quality sponge filled seat bag, it can rebound comfortably and make the moment of relaxation and rest that full of happiness.

2 Cloth sofa bed

The small figure sofa bed can bend and stretch, it can adapt different space to use.No matter be in sitting room, study room or balcony, it will be all good.


It is made of fiber velvet and filled with high-quality sponge, which makes it comfortable to sit and feel.The handrail that contains convenient store content, a few sundry can be taken and put at any time.


Combined with the rare design of full cleaning, it can help to keep the sofa bed clean and tidy, so that users feel comfortable to use. 

3 Mini sofa bed

This sofa bed that can let a thing make the most of its use which makes a person very pleasantly surprised. It is able to switch freely, satisfied all sorts of use demand easily.


4 Space-saving sofa bed

This sofa bed uses leather art to make, adding thick seat bag makes the sit feeling is very comfortable.


What differ with general sofa bed is, the bottom still provided a lot of store content space, vacated more use space to finite sitting room.


5 Classic sofa bed


This classic and delicate fabric sofa gives a soft quality.Gold back plus thick armrest, let a person fondle admiringly.


Do you have one you like among these sofa beds?