Jimu glass door solid wood TV console singapore-the choice to improve the appearence of your living room

This tv console of Jimu furniture is made of solid wood. The line of cabinet body is smooth and clean, which is minimalist design, it can be blended in any household style easily


The glass cabinet door is the bright spot of this TV cabinet, its grain greatly promoted the fashion sense and design sense, it can introduce light naturally to brighten a space that full of transparent light feeling, it is very suitable especially to the friend who is not satisfied with the light in the home.


It is like carrying filter lens by itself that blurs visual focus, making receive become a aesthetic feeling display, even if pile up daily use sundry goods to the cabinet inside at will, it also can be filtered into the hazy beauty like abstract painting.


The left side of the double drawer storage can be placed commonly used drugs, certificates, repair tools and other small items;Middle glass cabinet door is with double layer storage, the layer plate can be adjusted up and down;Backboard reserved holes can be wired, it is easy to place DVD Blu-ray machine, PS4, vinyl machine and other audio and video machines;Right storage area is with large space to achieve free storage.




Sliding doors and drawers are made of solid wood guide rail, it is an inheritance of traditional technology and full of retro charm, while more durable;The key parts adopt dovetail tenon technology, it is round fillet while quality and safety co-exist.




American white oak, walnut, European beech are 3 kinds of different colour to be chosen, they are extremely simple but absolutely not boring.It makes the beauty and the whole home more harmonious.