Controlled by an app, 2.5L large capacity: Xiaomi Youpin Smart Air Fryer

In the past two years, with the rise of the “kitchen economy”, a variety of small appliances have appeared in the public eye. Soymilk, juicer, and cooking machines have become commonplace, and even breakfast machines, yogurt machines, and air fryer. Although many people complain about popular internet celebrities, it is undeniable that their appearance has enriched our food culture a lot.


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This air fryer uses 360° high-speed air circulation technology, which can quickly heat up and take away food moisture. It can make a crispy taste without frying, and it is more healthy without oil and fat.


It can achieve 80-200℃ wide temperature control, 1-60min precise timing, and free combination of multiple gear modes. It can not only grill fish, shrimp, chicken thighs, steak, but also bake cakes, French fries, and multiple functions.

The body has a smooth curved surface design, which is comfortable to the touch, and the upgraded non-stick pan makes it easier to clean. In terms of control, in addition to the LCD touch panel, it can also be controlled by the Mijia APP. Common recipes and fancy cloud recipes can be selected at will, and it supports breakpoint memory and is easy to use.



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