Cooperation between Xiaomi and Deutsche Telekom: Realized 5G VoNR calls for the first time

A few days ago, Deutsche Telekom announced the successful implementation of 5G VoNR calls with Xiaomi and other partners. This is also the world’s first 5G VoNR call in an end-to-end multi-vendor environment.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi is the only Chinese brand on the list this time.

According to media reports, Deutsche Telekom expressed its gratitude to all partners including Xiaomi, saying that the successful test “paved the way to 5G-enabled next-generation mobile voice services.”

It is understood that this test used Samsung S21 5G and Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G, as well as a variety of mobile devices on Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 and 780G platforms. Xiaomi is the only Chinese mobile phone manufacturer participating in the test.

This technology does not need to use 4G and other networks for voice calls, and directly uses 5G SA networks for VoNR protocol calls.

It is reported that compared with 4G VoLte, 5G VoNR has higher call quality and lower latency. It can keep 5G data online while enjoying high-definition calls, which can further enhance the user experience.

China Mobile’s white paper in March of this year stipulates that from October 1, 2021, new 5G terminals purchased by China Mobile must support VoNR.

The full name of VoNR is Voice over New Radio, which translates to NR-based voice calls. In popular understanding, it can be regarded as the “VoLte” of the 5G network.

It is worth noting that VoNR in the 5G SA mode is a call solution based on pure 5G access. Both voice and data services are carried by the 5G network and do not rely on 4G. It is the target voice solution for the mature development of 5G.