Desktop neat storage helper: Xiaomi has released a storage seat

The tidy desktop can not only make the office and study more comfortable, reasonable storage can also make it quick to find the thing you need. Xiaomi has released a new storage seat that can meet the storage needs of different items. The storage seat has reasonable areas for different items. The upper area can store office products while the lower area can store  keyboards.


In addition to the desktop, this storage seat can also be used to store cosmetics, pen slot can store makeup brush, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner;Front row area can hold air cushion, blush and so on;Base layer still can place small receive box, receive other make up things.


The overall design of the storage seat is simple, the white appearance is clean and comfortable.The cell phone storage compartment is provided with a hidden charging hole for convenient charging and storage.The size of the storage seat is 50.2cm*14.2cm*7.3cm, HIPS material is strong and durable, the edge is smooth and does not hurt hands.