Japanese Students Voted for the TOP 7 Stationery, Is Your Choice in One of Them?


Japan’s TV show ‘お愿い!ランキング’ visited 1000 10 to 19 years old Japanese students, asking them to choose the stationery thry like and make a ranking list.The following list focuses on the top 7 popular stationery items that readers can use as shopping references.

No.7 ZEBRA「Del Guard」


At no. 7 on the stationery list was ZEBRA, the stationery giant, with its automatic pencil series’ Del Guard ‘.Speaking of automatic pencils, one of the most annoying things to do with them is when they break, but Del Guard’s selling point is that they don’t break!Through the special design of the pen tip, the pressure during writing can be dispersed, so that the pen refill is not easy to be broken, if matched with the pen refill of this brand, it is more secure.This is one of the reasons Del Guard is so popular with students. During exams, Del Guard is able to write down answers without being interrupted by fretting moments. There are 0.3, 0.5 and 0.7mm refs available.





We all have the time to write wrong words, although you can use correction fluid or correction tape, but the scribble will always make notes dirty, looking not very comfortable.But this annoyance is easy to overcome with FRICTION BALL KNOCK from PILOT — a super good FRICTION pen!It uses a special kind of ink that disappears when the temperature changes, so typos can be easily erased by rubbing the translucent part of the tip of the pen against it, and because it works through the temperature change, it won’t be consumed, let alone buy more erasers.The series is not just a hit in Japan, it has sold more than 2 billion units worldwide!After practical testing, stationery control reporter found that the feel of friction is just like the eraser on the tip of the pen, which can be eliminated very clean. Because it is directly attached to the tip of the pen, it will not fall into the dilemma of forgetting to bring it, which is quite convenient.





Is there a sticky brush when using an oily pen?This is the fate of oil-based pens, but the ink used in uni’s “JETSTREAM STANDARD” series, with an emphasis on rapid drying, is about twice as dark as normal oil-based pens, so it not only retains the advantages of not fainting and durability of oil-based pens, but also greatly improves the feel and texture of writing, making it quite smooth to write.The JETSTREAM STANDARD series, which has been held for seven years in the popular ballpoint pen contest “OKB48 Selection General Election”, has maintained its record of winning seven consecutive titles. It is not only popular among students, but also popular among users of all ages.



No.4  PILOT「Dr.Grip」


From no. 7 to now, you must have noticed that for students who spend most of their time studying, their favorite stationery is almost always pen.It’s not just the stroke, ink, and ease of modification that matters. Another important factor is the durative of the pen.After all, for a long time in writing, how to find a comfortable to a pen is also very important  to student’s study mood , and the PILOT “Dr. Grip” series of special efforts in barrel part, from the perspective of ergonomics, barrel adopt double-layer structure, inner soft, outer layer is used a little hardness of silica gel, so press the up and feel like a little bear jelly, using for a long time also will not feel tired, is to obtain the general sentiment.The red one I chose is not only comfortable to hold, but also looks more and more beautiful with its bright red color. It can be said to be a quality product with both ease of use and beauty.




ZEBRA’s “SARASA” series of ballpoint pens write well, as they are called.This product, produced in 2000, is quite smooth in writing due to the use of special ink. The series has 37 ink colors to choose from, with 46 colors for the pen tube and sizes of 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.7 and 1.0mm for the refilling, etc. The diversified design is lovely and is deeply loved by students who often write in various colors.



No.2 MONO eraser from Tombow Pencil


Blue, white and black stripe design, identification degree is high, with the release from the 1969 , MONO rubber is a big stationery industry, in fact, at first it was just a add gift of senior pencil “MONO 100” , but because the quality of the wipe is good, it finally became independent commodity, now it has become a classic! MONO rubber refrigerator has a total of 5 kinds of size



KURU TOGA STANDARD srties of uni automatic pencils topped the list with 1,000 Japanese students. What’s the secret behind its popularity?Back to the writing level, KURU TOGA’s special structure allows the pen to slowly “rotate” during the writing process, and consumes an average of 360 degrees!According to the reporter’s actual test, as long as press once, there is no need to press the cartridge again, the font size writing out is almost the same.In addition, KURU TOGA comes in a variety of colors, as well as a collaboration with Disney, which is colorful and lovely, so everyone can find the KURU TOGA that suits their heart the most.


Is your favorite choice among the ranking list?