Did you use the right butter for making New Year cakes this year?

Did you use the right butter for making New Year cakes this year? One trick teaches you to distinguish between “pure butter” and “margarine”, so that your family can eat healthy foods~

The main ingredients (Ingredients) of butter are:
Pasteurized cream (pasteurized cream), Water (water), and Starter Culture (yeast).
Different manufacturers will add some other materials, but the list of ingredients is basically not very long. Butter is the manufacturing process, not the additive.

Now let’s take a look at the pure butter ingredients commonly seen in the market!

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1. Golden Churn Butter
Ingredients: Cream, water, salt


2. Anchor Butter
Ingredients: Cream (from cow’s milk), water, salt


3. Tatura Butter
Ingredients: Cream, salt, water


4. Lurpak Butter
Ingredients: Butter (milk), lactic culture(milk), salt

5. SCS Butter
Ingredients: Pasteurised cream, milk fat, water, salt


6. President Butter
Ingredients: Cream, lactic starter


7. Ballantyne Butter
Ingredients: Pasteurized Cream, water, lactic acid, starter culture


The composition of margarine:
Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Milk Fat (cream), Milk Product (dairy products), Salt (salt), Soya Lecithin (soy lecithin), Contains Permitted Emulsifier (emulsifier), Flavourings (flavorings) and Colouring (Beta Carotene) To make vegetable oil into lumps, manufacturers will use hydrogenated, hydrogenated, the result is more Trans Fat, trans fat.

Trans fats increase bad cholesterol and reduce good cholesterol in the body, so it is also harmful to health.