Google has made Android more closed and will block third-party App custom sharing!

Nowadays, many Android apps provide a very convenient sharing function to make it easier for users to share the content that they are interested in or want others to view. Basically, users only need to click the share button and then select the sharing destination.

Many developers will call the sharing function of the Android system for convenience. However, there are also many development companies, in order to provide more custom functions, so they will develop their own functions for sharing.

It is worth looking at that the developer of App Sharedr recently stated that on the Android 12 adaptation, the system will not pop up a prompt to choose Sharedr or the system’s native sharing page.

Instead, the latter is directly called, which even the developer did not expect.

Google officially responded: We do not allow third-party sharing methods. This selection interface is used to select App, not to replace sharing.

It is not clear whether this change will affect OEM manufacturers, such as Samsung, and even a number of mainland mobile phone brands have modified the sharing page.

However, users are not expected to have much impact in actual use, and the built-in sharing pages of third-party apps will not be restricted, because that is another way to achieve it.