Vivo supports Android 12 Beta, providing developers with more possibilities for the first time

On May 18th, US local time (May 19th, Beijing time), Google officially released the Android 12 Beta version at the Google I/O 2021 online developer conference.

As a participant and witness of the release of the Android 12 Beta version, vivo will be synchronized with its 2021 flagship product iQOO 7, which marks that iQOO 7 will become the first batch of smart hardware phones that adapt to the Android 12 Beta version.


The Android 12 launched by Google this time is dedicated to making the operating system smarter, more convenient, and more powerful while ensuring privacy and security.

The system brings brand-new functions and interactive modes, providing light and dark theme modes.

Added privacy and security switch functions, and added a new microphone and camera switch, allowing users to turn off application access to the sensor for the entire system. The user only needs to press the power button five times to achieve an emergency alarm.

In addition, Android 12 has newly added a one-handed mode to ensure that users complete operations such as “copy”, “paste”, “drag and drop”, “screenshot”, “share”, and “application management” in the most convenient way.

Android 12 with such a powerful function is bound to be sought after by users after its official launch. In order to give users the most comfortable and stable experience.

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As early as the development stage of the Android 12 Beta version, vivo began to cooperate with Google to participate in research and development, so as to provide developers with a stable adapted version for their experience at the first time the Android 12 Beta version was pushed.

Vivo hopes that through this approach, developers are encouraged to complete system testing as soon as possible, and jointly bring a better upgrade experience to consumers around the world.

In addition to keeping up with the iterative upgrade of the Android version, vivo also optimizes the resource call mode from the system framework layer to support developers to develop, adapt and optimize the OriginOS system more quickly.

Vivo Computing Acceleration Platform (VCAP) provides a complete acceleration solution based on the underlying characteristics of terminal hardware, helping developers to deploy algorithms quickly and run efficiently.


In addition, vivo also works with developers to create an excellent and safe user experience for vivo terminal consumers through customized services such as i Butler and Multi-turbo.

Currently, developers can go to the vivo developer website to download the vivo Android 12 Beta version, which is based on iQOO 7 for application adaptation.

Vivo hopes to cooperate with developers to optimize the upgrade and adaptation of OriginOS in combination with the new features of the Beta version, so as to bring consumers a safer, smoother, caring and rich application experience.