Has Facebook removed Dark Mode? Here’s how to enable it on Android

Here’s how to put Facebook in Dark Mode.

Facebook users have been complaining that Dark Mode has been completely removed from the platform for Android users.

Currently, we are all glued to mobile phones, so it is no surprise that dark mode is becoming more and more popular. The dark mode is believed to protect your eyes from the bright whiteness of the screen, extending battery life and productivity.

Snapchat’s Dark Mode feature has been welcomed by with its users, while Instagram and Twitter both have Dark Mode features. However, Facebook – which introduced Dark Mode in October 2020 – is rumoured to have removed the feature completely. Here’s why Facebook Dark Mode vanished and how to get it back.


Has Facebook Dark Mode been removed on Android?

On May 5, many Facebook users reported that Dark Mode had completely vanished on the Android app. For some the issue arose shortly after they had updated their devices.

Facebook haven’t officially commented on Dark Mode’s sudden disappearance therefore it’s unlikely to have been removed forever. It’s also only happening for Android users so it’s probably a glitch.

Facebook are no doubt solving this problem but in the meantime some are now reporting that their Facebook returned after clearing their cache and force closing the app. Others have tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the app, which seems to have been successful.


How to enable Dark Mode in Facebook

Once you’ve cleared your cache and removed then reinstalled the app, you’ll need to enable Dark Mode once again.

1) Select the tab with three horizontal line on the Facebook homepage.

2) Click “Settings & Privacy” at the bottom of your screen, which should expand to reveal more options.

3) Choose “Dark Mode”.

4) Select “On” to activate Dark Mode. You can also choose “System” to match the Facebook app to your device’s dark or light settings.

Look! Dark Mode should now be enabled on your Android device for Facebook.