HomeKit secure video can provide a huge sense of security for the home I think!

HomeKit Smart Home—HomeKit secure video(Door Camera)

First of all:

1. Only 200G (supports 1 camera) and 2T (supports 5 cameras) iCloud plans can use HomeKit secure video (HSV) to record.

2. HSV can’t record all day long, it will record only when it detects movement or specific movement according to the setting.

The main difference between the HomeKit camera is that it does not support HomeKit Secure Video (HSV), which is a system for computing and recording by the HomeKit hub.

You can check which cameras support this feature on the Apple website.

I have never used a camera that does not support HSV. It should be that there is only a preview function in the Home App, not a video function.

It should be possible to play back the video through its own independent app.

The other main classification is whether it can be used in outdoor environments, that is, whether it has waterproof function. You need to pay attention when choosing.

HSV experience

I currently have 4 cameras, which can take care of all the doors and windows of the whole family.

The last space is reserved for the HomeKit doorbell.

HSV can support face recognition, vehicle and animal recognition, can delimit motion detection areas, and can turn on and off the camera according to whether the person is at home.

The playback video can be stored for two weeks, and there will be a category mark.

You can directly save it to your phone album if you need it. The overall experience is very convenient.

The Logitech Circle 2 camera I use can also be used as a motion sensor/occupancy sensor and light sensor to trigger an automatic process.