LOEHO handheld portable antibacterial cleaning machine is too powerful

When it comes to smart toilet lids, I think there will always be limitations. That is, after all, we are not a comfortable crowd staying at home for 365 days. Whether it is a business trip to a place with poor bathing conditions or a walk-and-go trip, the smart toilet lid cannot always follow us.

At this time, if you still want to maintain a clean experience, what can you do? This is the most powerful part of this product.


The packaging content of the functional unit is also relatively simple, the kettle, the host (including the nozzle), two body sealing rings and a Type-C charging short line.

In the formal packaging, there is one more spout and two spout sealing rings. I think such accessories are very considerate.

Because as the use time is long, the aging of the rubber ring is predictable, matching these accessories at the factory will undoubtedly reduce the time and economic cost of the later users.


The main battery capacity of the LOEHO portable washing machine is 400mAh. With the most common Type-C charging method, it only takes about 3.5 hours to fully charge.

It can be used for about 46 times (40s direct pulse mode) after full power. If the 0.7s pulse massage mode is adopted, it will save more power.


The main unit of the LOEHO portable washing machine has three body sealing ring positions. The two closer positions are used for the sealing position. The double-layer rubber ring seals, and the inverted water tank will not leak.

The sealing ring on the top is used for storage and positioning. When storage, the water in the water tank has been emptied, so only one rubber ring is needed for locking and positioning.

As a product that is not very expensive, I think this is a more intimate little detail.


When using, stack the main unit and press it into the spout of the water tank; when storing, insert it upside down into the water tank.


Let’s take a look at the host first. The three sealing rings have been introduced before, and then the buttons and indicator lights are more intuitive. The surface of the button is made of silica gel, which feels good in the hand, and also plays a good sealing and water blocking role to protect the internal motor.


When not in use, the nozzle can be stored in the side waist of the main unit and can be pulled out when used.


One spout and two spout sealing rings are included in the formal packaging, which means that the two are detachable structures. The structure after disassembly is shown in the figure.

So, why should they be designed as a detachable structure? Because the seal ring is made of rubber, there may be a risk of aging after a long time, so it is necessary to replace it regularly.

For the spout, because the holes are relatively small, if the water quality is poor during use, there is a risk of clogging the holes, so it would be nice to replace them if necessary.

Of course, in normal use, the design of the 5-hole plum blossom nozzle can achieve umbrella-like water discharge. The water flow is sufficient to wash away the dirt, but generally does not wet the clothes with fog.



The top surface of the main body of the LOEHO portable washing machine when it is stored is the bottom surface of the water tank when it is in use. Because the water from the nozzle comes out from this, it needs to be waterproof.

In fact, the silicone soft plug covering the outside of the Type-C charging port can achieve the IPX7 high waterproof level of the LOEHO portable washing machine.


Here is how to use: