How about a Stainless Steel Whisky Stone?

Why did I choose the stainless steel whisky stone?

1 An ice ball may look nice, but it will take more than 24 hours to make.

2 Not only for drinking whisky, you can also use it for drinking coke and soda water, which is a better choice than ice.

3 Considering that ice tends to dilute wine or drinks too much, stainless steel may be a better choice.

4 There are many kinds of whisky stone, but stainless steel made ones are cheap safe and easy to clean.

This is after cleaning and putting it in the freezer for a while;The plastic container was chosen because it would be healthier to put it in the frozen layer. After all, it doesn’t go into your mouth, but the drink will go into your mouth anyway.


You can see the frost on the surface.


I purposely chose the ice clip with silica gel so that the ice would not stick to the clip.


The surface of the cup also got the frost, which means the frozen effect is pretty nice.


The color of the wine is not bad, the effect is more direct, but I think I bought less ice stone, should buy more.



The advantage of ice stone is generally more obvious, that is, will not dilute the wine or drink, ensure to be  pure.


The icestone cools the wine, reduces the stimulation of alcohol, spreads the fragrance and improves the taste


Stainless steel’s heat absorption rate is faster, so it can be the fastest to drop temperature, of course, the more stones, the better effect.


And the stainless steel ice stone is different from ice, only need to be 1 to 2 hours in advance of the freezing can have a good cooling effect, which can save lot of time and effort than making an iceball.


Stainless steel ice stones will not dilute the wine or drink and will not change the alcohol content of the liquid, and provide a better taste.


The most important thing about the ice stone, economically speaking, is that it can be used indefinitely and can be washed in a dishwasher.


The only weakness for this icestone is that it may not look as nice as using a big iceball.