How to address the issue of speed reduction of iOS 14.5.1? Look at here!

Recently, many iPhone users reported that after upgrading the iOS 14.5.1 system, their phones started to freeze abnormally, drop frames, and heat up, which has seriously affected normal use, especially the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 series.

With the fermentation of this matter, a blogger who professionally repaired Apple devices said that they found through testing that after upgrading the iOS 14.5.1 system, the device that heated up will return to normal, after turning off the “iCloud-find-find network” option.

He said that the team currently suspects that there is a problem with the active matching of the current iOS 14.5.1 search network.


According to feedback from some netizens, after turning off the iCloud-find-find network option, the performance of the iPhone 11/12 series can indeed return to normal levels, and there is basically no longer abnormal freezes and heat.

If users of current handheld related models have similar problems, you may wish to turn off this option in the settings and restart the device to see if it can be resolved.

In addition, Apple officials have also noticed the lag problem of this version of the system. They revealed in the latest iOS 14.6 Beta 3 version update log that the system will fix the performance degradation problem.

According to relevant media reports, Apple is currently accelerating the testing of iOS 14.6, and the official version is expected to be sent this month to resolve some iPhone performance issues.