How waterproof is my Samsung smartphone?

More and more Samsung smartphones are waterproof. But how waterproof is every model exactly? While the Samsung Galaxy S5 survives a short rain shower, you can immerse the Galaxy S8 completely for 30 minutes. Sometimes, both smartphones are labeled as waterproof, which can be confusing. That is why we explain in this article how waterproof your Samsung device is.

How do you check if your smartphone is waterproof?


First check if your device has an IP certification. You recognize the certification by the letters ‘IP’ followed by 2 digits. The second number indicates the water resistance of your smartphone. IP67 and IP68 are the most common IP certifications, also with Samsung. Devices with an IP67 certification survive 30 minutes at a maximum depth of 1 meter. A smartphone with IP68 survives the same time at a maximum depth of 1.5 meters. Keep in mind that seawater and chlorine water are always harmful to a smartphone. Don’t just dive into the sea or the swimming pool.

Top devices


From the Samsung Galaxy S7, all devices from the Samsung Galaxy S series by Samsung have an IP68 certification. This means that all these smartphones can survive 30 minutes at a maximum depth of 1.5 meters. This certification applies to all models. So don’t panic if, for example, you drop your S7 Edge, S8 Plus or S10e into the sink. All Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones also have an IP68 certification. With a top device from Samsung, you’ll never have to worry about water.

Samsung Galaxy A and J series


All smartphones from the Samsung Galaxy J series aren’t water-resistant. The same applies to the majority of the Samsung Galaxy A devices. There are a few exceptions with an IP68 certification. This concerns the A3 (2017), A5 (2017), A7 (2017) and A8 (2018). These phones can survive 30 minutes at a maximum of 1.5 meters depth. Sea and chlorine water are generally harmful from smartphones, so we don’t recommend diving into the water with your phone.