In addition to holding a cell phone, there’s room for a fascia gun in your pocket!

As we all know, there are a lot of fascia guns on the market now, both in function and appearance are relatively similar. If you want to stand out in the industry, you need to have exceptional strength and enough innovation.

Rongtai brand ,before , I knew not much, but after this evaluation, I ve got a new understanding.

Founded in 1997, Rongtai is a listed company focusing on the research, development, design, manufacturing and sales of health appliances. It mainly produces massage chairs, massage devices, massage pads and other health products. It has sold 1.7 million massage chairs in total worldwide, and has a certain popularity in the country and even the world.


Today I will bring you a new product of Rongtai — Pocket Fascia Gun G20. Although this kind of product is relatively common in the market at present, what will be the difference when it comes out from Rongtai, which started out as a professional massage product?

In the past two years, Rongtai cooperated with Marvel to launch a lot of co-branded products, among which the Thor massage chair impressed me deeply.Again, the Fascion Gun alone comes in Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, and Spider-Man versions, as can be seen from the G20 packaging.Marvel fans should be able to see that at a glance.


The product list is not complicated, basically maintaining the consistent style and configuration of similar products in the market: main machine, 4 different types of massage heads, charging cable and product manual, and easy to carry in daily life, but also in order to reduce the collision and friction between the product and other items when put in the bag, also it is with a storage bag.


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In addition to performance, the Rongtai G20 is small, which is exactly what it is.In terms of volume, the product is much smaller on the palm of your hand, and in comparison with the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the dimension is more intuitive.


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When the fascia gun was just popular, the weight of the products was mostly around 1000g, but later, the pocket fascia gun also appeared, which directly reduced the weight of the fascia gun by half. Rongtai G20 also inherited the small and light characteristics of the pocket fascia gun, the whole machine only weighs 539g, so as to facilitate daily carrying.


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Altogether equipped with 4 different massage heads, to meet the needs of different parts of the user massage.Flat head is used to relax the muscles of the whole body and shape the body.The ball head is used to massage large muscle groups such as arms, lower back, buttocks, thighs, calves, etc.The conical head is used to shock deep tissues such as meridians, joints, palms, plantar, etc.The U-shaped head is used to massage the neck, tendon and other parts.


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I like sports, usually running, cross-country, fitness, especially in the spring and autumn, I often participate in the marathon, cross-country race.On a regular basis, I need daily training to maintain and improve my performance.

I generally divide my daily training into two parts, which are mainly running for medium and long distances, supplemented by fitness training for core training. As we all know, when we carry out intense training, our muscles will be sore because of excessive stimulation, so we need timely massage to relax and remove acid.While professional athletes have a therapist or masseuse after training, we amateurs rely on simple tools such as stretches or foam shafts to relax after training, but the results are often less than satisfactory.

Muscles tighten and swell after a workout, especially after a hard workout, and this is when the fascia gun is needed to relax.In the beginning, even a single blow to the muscle is very painful, first of all, it is an adaptation process, and it is also a process of initial muscle activation.After a period of time, when the muscles get used to the strength, we can massage more, so as to have a deeper relaxation.

As we said above, Rongtai G20 has 4 gears, and the range of gears speed is 1800-3200 times (load speed, no load is the highest).Level 1 (1800 beats/min) has the lowest intensity and is mainly used to wake up the muscles.Level 2 (2200 beats/min) is mainly used to relax fascia.Level 3 (2600 beats/min) for deep massage.Level 4 (3200 beats/min) has the highest power and frequency, and is also the most professional.Here it should be reminded that each person’s pain will be different, musculoskeletal force also has a certain limit, we should combine their own situation, to use the gears properly.


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