It is reported that the iPhone 14 will use a dual-hole design

It has been widely said that the iPhone 14 series will cancel the bangs, but how Apple will place the proactive and Face ID modules has always been controversial. And according to display industry consultant Ross Young, the iPhone 14 Pro models will feature both a punch-hole and a pill-shaped cutout near the top of the display, known as an exclamation point-shaped opening. 


It is reported that the round hole is prepared for the Face ID dot matrix projector. The pill-shaped cutout will house at least the front-facing camera and the Face ID infrared camera. According to the internal test photos of the screen panel that broke the news, the pill-shaped opening is actually on the left, while the circular opening is on the right.

Guo Mingji, who previously broke the news with high accuracy, has always claimed that Face ID will not be transferred to the screen until 2023.

Coupled with this revelation, perhaps the design of the iPhone 14 Pro will not really use the Face ID design under the screen as previously rumored.

After all, since Face ID can be implemented under the screen, there is no reason for Apple not to bring the fingerprint under the screen back to the iPhone.

In addition, some netizens have made a rendering of the top of the next-generation iPhone based on this information, which looks at least more pleasing to the eye than the bangs.