It Really Understands Your Sleep-Huawei Smart Latex Pillow

With the progress of technology, everything around us has been undergoing the process of “intelligence”. In this context, smart latex pillows are also emerging quietly. Recently, Huawei has launched a MOK PLANET smart latex pillow.Curious about how a pillow is “smart”? Just let me tell you.

The shape of MOK PLANET smart latex pillow is not different from the general latex pillow. In fact, its pillow face is designed with a patented zonal neck protection, with a unique ergonomic structure. Whether sleeping on one’s back or on one’s side, the head and neck shoulder position can be well supported, allowing people to release fatigue during the whole day’s sleep.



Since it is a smart latex pillow, relevant smart accessories are also essential. There is also a sleep sensor and charging data cable inside the package.




MOK PLANET smart latex pillow is 61*42*11cm in size, which is about the same size as the pillow I use now in my home



The pillowcase comes with a porous, breathable fabric that feels soft and comfortable.



There is an opening on the side of the pillowcase and a 3.5mm thread inside, which is the outgoing line of the data sensor.




First of all, the MOK PLANET smart latex pillow is made from Thailand latex stock, with a 93% natural latex content and a faint smell of latex as you lie down on it.



The pillow is not too soft or too hard and the rebound effect is excellent. The internal design of latex pillow core has a large number of honeycomb holes, which can quickly discharge and absorb waste heat and moisture, so the permeability of pillow is very good, there will not be a feeling of hot and humid.





Since it is a smart pillow, its intelligent experience must be introduced.

MOK PLANET smart latex pillow is unplugged and collects data through an external rechargeable sleep sensor, which is relatively convenient and safe.



Just like using a mobile phone, we only need to charge the sensor, connect the data cable of the pillow, and put it into the bag beside the pillow to use. The sensor can be used for about half a month after a fully charge.



When the sensor is connected to a pillow, you can open the Huawei Smart Life APP on your phone for a match

MOK PLANET smart latex pillow data testing is fully automated.The pillow is fitted with a non-wearable piezoelectric sensor that recording ther vibrates through our chest and abdomen, combined with proprietary algorithms to produce sleep reports and recommendations.It can monitor our heart rate, respiration rate, number of turns, depth of sleep and so on. It can also monitor cardiac arrest, apnea and other data so that we can better understand our sleep quality.

In addition, the sleep report can be divided into daily, weekly and monthly periodic statistical reports, which I can also check out at any time to help me develop good sleep habits.



Finally, the users of smart latex pillow need to pay attention to the following situation: the pillow sensor and the mobile phone are using bluetooth transmission, so if you need to check the sleeping data you have to put your phone in 10 meters to the pillow.