It’s worth sharing, it realizes my music freedom in the toilet

First of all, you need both Google Nest Hub and Google Nest mini. With these, you can also have the music freedom in toilet like I do. lol

1.Google Nest Hub

Currently, I think the advantages it has:

The screen is always on, but it doesn’t matter, the time is set to the desktop clock

Like the voice assistant, I can control watching videos and various smart butler functions

Control lights and appliances on and off, provided that they are all smart appliances

When you say: good morning, it will automatically broadcast time and weather news

2.Google Nest mini

My only use of this is:

Realize the freedom of toilet music to meet the needs of bathing and toilet music

It is small and cute, and comes in four colors. You can install one in every corner of the whole house and play independently.

You can use voice control, random play, you can also use Spotify to play