Kingston releases three encrypted USB flash drives

Data security cannot be ignored. Kingston has always paid special attention to this market. Today, it officially released three 128GB encrypted USB flash drives, including: DTLPG3, DTVP 3.0 and DT4000G2DM.

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The three models have different positioning and can meet the needs of users who need security at all levels. DataTraveler Locker+G3 (DTLPG3) supports hardware-level encryption, soft encryption, and data encryption with double insurance.

The highlight of DataTraveler Vault Privacy 3.0 (DTLPG3) is that it supports cloud backup, allowing users to automatically back up data from a USB flash drive to Google Drive, OneDrive (Microsoft), Amazon Cloud Drive, and Dropbox and Box. In addition, when the data intrusion is detected 10 times, the U disk will be completely locked.


The DataTraveler 4000G2 has the highest data security, supports the next generation encryption technology, XTS mode protection in 256-bit AES encryption, and Level 3 authentication, makes data more secure and reliable, even if the USB flash drive accidentally lost, your data will not leak, which is every enterprise USB flash drive should have.