Klipsch added active noise reduction and motion control to the T5 II ANC

Although the Klipsch T5 II launched last year has made many improvements on the basis of the T5 in 2019, it does not have the current popular active noise reduction, and wireless charging will only be provided on the more expensive sports version.

Today, the factory has launched a new T5 II ANC in response to these shortcomings. Not only that, this asking price of US$299 also adds Dirac HD Sound and action controls from Bragi.

Compared with the previous model, the functions are undoubtedly more complete.

The T5 II ANC still inherits the earphone and charging case design of the T5 II, but the factory has fine-tuned the earplugs to improve wearing comfort (the package will still come with six pairs of silicone earplugs of different sizes).

The earphone itself has IPX4 waterproof function (T5 II is IP67), built-in 5.8mm unit and thinner diaphragm to enhance the sense of tri-band hearing.

As mentioned earlier, this device supports Dirac HD Sound.

It can further enhance the bass, clarity, sense of presence and other effects while you enable custom EQ.