Konka intelligent bedside table lamp that subverts traditional thinking

Smart devices have greatly contributed to the improvement of your happiness in life. The intensive design of high-viscosity devices with multi-functional collections is even more popular. The Konka air purifier bedside table lamp we see today is just like this. It is a smart device that creates an atmosphere and clean air in a small area.

The KONKA air purifier bedside table lamp looks very similar to Harman Kardon SS BT3. The whole body is round and has no edges and corners. It has very beautiful upper and lower openings with rounded corners. The upper half is fully transparent and the lower half is elegant white design. , The light contrast color visual color matching blends into the warm home style.


The entire set of operations are set on the top of the machine, which are the switch/WIFI activation button, the wind speed adjustment button, the sleep mode button, and the RGB color light button. The reading function of the actual application scene is used to the greatest extent, and the button with the largest area in the middle is designed as a reading light. The control buttons, from the point of view of button operation, are touch panels, the whole set of buttons is not prominent, and the function realization only needs to be touched to maintain the sleek shape of the whole body.


The KONKA air purifier bedside table lamp itself is small and exquisite, and the base has 4 circular anti-skid pads with an anti-skid design. The stability of the whole machine will not change with the change of the use position.


Defined as the air purification function that improves the air quality in a small environment, we still have to learn more about its structural details, because air purification is originally a rigorous technology. The air purification device is designed and installed at the bottom of the machine, and the air is filtered. When the device is working, a vertical circulating air duct is formed to achieve the effect of circulating purification. The first time you use it, you think the machine is not running, and you can feel the super slight fan sound when you are close to it. According to reports, this purifier uses ultra-quiet less than 10dB the fan motor hardly affects reading and sleep.


Open the lower cover and you can see the two layers of filter media. The white pleated window style is the HEPA filter in our commonly used air purifiers. The organic fiber crisscrosses and compacts with its high-density material characteristics. The pore size of the cloth is small, and the ability to capture impurities in the air is more precise and rapid. The thick filter material will have a large adsorption capacity and high purification efficiency, which can intercept particles as small as 0.3 microns in the air. In addition, the activated carbon filter element produces negative ions to achieve double purification. It releases negative ions and kills bacteria at the same time. It always keeps the indoor environment fresh and clean. The figure and filter capacity determine that it can be used in bedrooms, desks, studies, etc.


In terms of the function of the table lamp used in the home life, the Konka air purifier bedside table lamp adopts a 360° lamp belt lighting design, and the highest color temperature configuration is 6500K, which means that the brightness of the light basically reaches the best visual state of indoor reading during the day, and supports In order to adjust the brightness in different reading environments, the atmosphere creates a change of mood. In daily life, the color temperature matching can also give us the most direct comfort in living and working conditions. The bedside table lamp has built-in colorful RGB lights, which can achieve gradual color temperature conversion. It also supports one-key color selection function.


With air conditioning and purification, it is far from enough for Konka’s small appliances. The most basic functions of smart homes must be “smart”. Konka’s air purifier bedside lamp uses the Smart Home APP, which can be used with mobile phones. APP controls it remotely. Of course, it comes from the maximization of interconnected devices being used. You can also use voice to control Konka’s lights on and off, reading desk lights, and colorful night lights by connecting to the Tmall Genie smart ecosystem. , Sleep mode and other functions. In one sentence, it’s not just life that changes.


Konka’s air purifier bedside table lamp takes the practical and practical functions in the family living environment as the starting point, and pioneered the design of air purification, reading environment atmosphere to create multi-functional intelligent hardware for lighting adjustment, which provides a complete range of smart home products. The most critical hardware support.