Mi 12 size announced: 6.28 inches / 69.9mm wide, narrower than Mi 6 and iPhone 13

Xiaomi 12 screen parameters are announced, following the fuselage, larger screen

Today, Xiaomi mobile phone officially announced the size of the Xiaomi Mi 12 Standard Edition. The screen size of this small-screen flagship model is 6.28 inches, which is significantly smaller than the 6.81 inches of Mi 11. The width of the phone is only 69.9mm, which brings a comfortable grip for users with smaller hands.

The Mi 12 mobile phone will be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip, equipped with a 1080P AMOLED screen, and the front camera will adopt a center opening method, which is more beautiful.

Lei Jun once advertised that Mi 6 “nail households” users, Mi 12 is committed to becoming the next-generation flagship model with excellent small screens. As can be seen from the picture, the frame of this phone is similar to the Mi 11 series, and the curvature of the edge of the screen is smaller, close to a straight screen.

The previously released Xiaomi Mi 6 mobile phone has a screen size of 5.15 inches with a non-full screen. The phone has a thickness of 7.45mm, a width of 70.5mm, and a weight of 168g. The width of the new Mi 12 mobile phone is narrower than that of Mi 6 and iPhone 13.

Lee Talk :

When it comes to small size, our first reaction is “small screen”, and the first contrast object is iPhone 13, which can also be called the representative of small screen. IPhone does feel good, but 6. The 1-inch screen is still a little cramped when typing and playing games. Xiaomi 12 has a narrower body than iPhone 13, but the screen is 8% larger, reaching 6%. 28 inches, which can definitely meet the needs of daily use. Not because of the small size at the expense of look-and-feel experience, it is very suitable for friends who want to feel perfect, but love to play games.

Will be equipped with a brand-new image architecture, the camera starts fast, and the focus speed is fast.

Lee Talk :

Xiaomi 12 abandoned the 2K screen because of power consumption. This screen, despite its relatively low resolution, is expected to support 120Hz refresh rates. Officials say the screen supports 10bit color depth, obtains a DisplayMate A+ level, and supports 16000 levels of brightness adjustment. The Xiaomi 12 series will be officially released on the evening of December 28.