Mi Band 6 review: it almost replaces the watch

Mi Band 6 gradually blurs the border with the watch

Since its release in 2014, the Xiaomi Mi Band has been like a dark horse. At that time, it gained a lot of customers in the smart wearable market with an ultra-low price of CNY79. The sales volume exceeded one million in one fell swoop, and it has won the first place in the market. . It not only made the bracelet, a niche plaything, successfully entered the public eye, but also allowed Xiaomi’s smart wearable product system to begin to take root.

I still remember that the first-generation Mi Ring was just a rudimentary band; the second-generation product had a screen for the first time, which became a threat to the existence of a watch; the third-generation Mi Band turned to a sleek form, touch screen, and NFC. The 4th generation product brings the Xiaomi bracelet into the color screen era; the 5th generation adopts a magnetic solution to enlarge the screen, and adjusts in depth.

Every upgrade and improvement of the Mi Band in the fifth generation has indeed been implemented, and it has left a solid foundation for Mi Band 6.

The Mi Band 6 uses a 1.56-inch AMOLED dynamic color display larger than the previous generation, with a resolution of 152×486, while retaining the “rice grain” shape.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 6, which starts at CNY229, also introduces blood oxygen detection and abnormal heart rate detection, which have always been popular among users. As a result, the gap between it and the expensive “large bracelet” watches is getting smaller and smaller, especially in terms of functions, and the boundary between bracelets and watches will no longer exist.



The Mi Band of the fifth generation uses either a rectangular or round-cornered rectangular screen panel cut for the screen, so that huge black edges are left on the top and bottom of the screen.

Mi Band 6 has upgraded the screen cutting method. The entire screen is covered on the whole bracelet, and the upper and lower parts of the screen are elongated to increase the viewing area and screen-to-body ratio.
The parameter information shows that the diagonal length of the screen of the Mi Band 6 is 1.56 inches. Compared with the 1.1-inch Mi Band 5, the viewing area is increased by 50%.

Moreover, the resolution of Mi Band 6 has reached 152 x 486 pixels, and the screen pixel density is ppi 326, which has reached the definition of a retina screen. Even if you observe closely, you will not notice the sense of particles and jagged.


A larger screen will naturally have a better dial display effect. Mi Band 6 also uses APP synchronization to select dial replacements in the dial mall this time.

Up to three custom dials can be stored in the watch, and each change afterwards needs to be synchronized by APP.

In addition, the official also announced that Mi Band 6 will support more than 130 full-screen dials, so there is no need to worry about the number and effects of the dials.


A major change of the Mi Band 6 is that the touch buttons are completely eliminated, combined with a larger screen to achieve full gesture operation, and the use of bare metal is no longer separate from smartphones.

By sliding up, down, left, and right on the screen, you can switch between different functions and settings, and you can return to the main interface faster.


Regarding blood oxygen detection, Mi Band 6 uses a PPG sensor, which can detect the changes in the absorption of infrared light of different wavelengths in the peripheral tissues of the human body, and on this basis, calculate the inferred arterial blood oxygen saturation.

Through the blood oxygen detection function, users can know the oxygen content in their blood at any time during exercise, work, or in an environment with large temperature changes, and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases caused by insufficient blood oxygen.

In summary

In terms of appearance, the improvement of the Mi Band 6 is at a perfect level-it retains the form while adding the AMOED color display with a resolution of 152×486 to 1.56 inches, and 326PPI has reached the retina standard established by Jobs that year.

It is worth mentioning that after six years, this generation of Mi Band 6 finally got rid of the touch buttons, and combined with the new screen cutting method to increase the viewing area.

The Mi Band 6 with a diagonal screen of 1.56 inches has increased the viewing area by 50% compared to the previous generation.

Regarding the price:

The standard version is CNY229, and the NFC version is CNY279. Compared with the former, the latter has more functions such as Xiaoai, UnionPay QuickPass, bus card, and access card. It is very cost-effective and has the potential to become the next hot product.