Mi MIX FOLD major version update: It supports the unification of MIUI and computer

At the end of this month, Xiaomi’s flagship folding screen-Xiaomi MIX FOLD will usher in a major version update to support MIUI+ functions.

It can realize functions such as cross-screen collaboration with a computer, information relay, text relay, picture relay, and file transfer.

MIUI+ is wirelessly connected to the PC through MIX FOLD, allowing users to more easily directly manipulate the WPS files in the mobile phone on the PC and directly save it back to the mobile phone, and use the large screen of the computer to work more efficiently.

At the same time, the message notifications popped up on the mobile phone, incoming messages and takeaway messages, can be read on the computer with one click, which is very convenient.

If you use application relay, then the applications you are using on your phone can be used on your computer. For example, if you are watching TikTok, you can relay to the PC screen to continue watching.


What’s more interesting is that the text you copy on your mobile phone can be directly pasted in the PC, which is very convenient to record inspiration; when you take a screenshot or take a photo on your mobile phone, it will be displayed on the PC immediately, and you can use it or save it directly by dragging and dropping it. Especially useful for PPT or taking notes.

In addition, if you often use your mobile phone for office work, you will definitely encounter office files scattered in various folders on your phone, making it very difficult to organize them. Using MIUI+, you can manage and browse files on a large PC screen, which is more efficient than a mobile phone.

If you often take notes, it is better to try the note-taking function of MIUI+ after connecting to your mobile phone. The large-screen notes specially designed for PC are more borderless for both editing and viewing.