Nank a power bank that can wirelessly charge Apple phones

With the rapid development of science and technology and the rapid changes in mobile phones, the design of the power bank has to be announced. As for the Nank brand, there are Nank headsets in the professional field, as well as the intensively cultivated power bank. This power bank is not a power bank, because the Nank power bank is a combination of wireless and wired, and it also provides Huawei, The function of Apple mobile phone for wireless charging, so the South Card Power Bank POW2, which can perform wireless fast charging for the top mobile phone brands, is of great significance.


This is the second time I have used Nank’s wireless power bank POW2. For the first time, because it was during the Spring Festival, the frequency of use was not very high. After experiencing the epidemic, the demand for power banks for me at work has increased day by day. After using my Nank wireless power bank, my colleagues immediately chased behind my butt and asked to give it to her. I wish, hey, no way. Who made me so popular? I personally gave my favorite Nank wireless power bank pow2 to my colleagues. At the same time, I am gone. God pays off, let me get in touch with the Nank wireless power bank POW2 for the second time.


NANK/Nank wireless fast charging power bank POW-2, white outer packaging, simple and generous. As a power bank with 10w wireless charging and 18w fast charging, its use can be described as very wide. Outdoor travel, taking a plane, temporarily replenishing the battery, putting it in a business bag or a travel backpack, can be used for you The phone is always ready. And I have another purpose, that is, when I use my mobile phone to broadcast live, I can use the Nank wireless power bank for mobile charging to meet the needs of the tripod.


After opening the white outer packaging, the power bank appears in front of us. The color obtained by May Digital Technology is glacier gray. This gray I prefer to call its advanced gray. At the same time, the surface of the power bank is covered with TPE soft rubber. Protection to prevent scratches on the phone shell, texture design to prevent slippery, rounded corners, non-slip and scratch-resistant. This kind of thoughtful design is warm and refreshing.


NANK/Nank wireless fast charging power bank POW-2. Since it is a power bank, let’s talk about charging. The POW2 lithium battery has a capacity of 10000mAh. One of its biggest features is the two-way fast charge. This two-way fast charge What is the concept? Let me tell you about it. It supports wireless 7.5w fast charging for Apple mobile phones and 10w wireless fast charging for other mobile phones. At the same time, it can realize wired 18w fast charging. And the built-in C port can charge the power bank, and can also charge the mobile phone through this C port. This is the so-called two-way charging technology. As for the Nank wireless power bank, the power bank is also a wireless charger, because while the power adapter can be connected to charge the power bank, the mobile phone that supports wireless charging can be placed on the surface of the power bank, and wireless charging is supported. This is also the main reason why the previous one was snatched by my colleague, because she used the Apple mobile phone, she was comfortable with it, easy to use and visible, Nank wireless power bank POW2.


Nank wireless power bank POW2 supports PD and QC charging protocols. If it is equipped with a PD fast charging head and a fast charging cable, it only takes 4 hours to fully charge a 10000mAh power bank. The fully-charged Nank wireless power bank POW2 can charge Apple X mobile phones twice. Such a magical operation is worth learning. Charging the Apple 11 has also achieved a leap for 2 times. If you charge an Apple mobile phone with an Apple 8 or lower number, the number of times will increase.


Another thing I love about Nank’s wireless power bank POW2 is that it can be charged while chasing dramas, charging and chasing dramas. Because of the design of the mobile phone holder, this operation is worthy of praise. And this concealable mobile phone holder satisfies my hobby of eating and watching drama at noon. This 45-degree bracket is at your disposal for vertical screen and horizontal screen.


Use the mobile phone holder, you can charge wirelessly, you can also use wired charging, as long as you like, you can charge as you like. As for power banks and mobile phones, everyone knows that mobile phones will heat up during the charging process. It is better in winter. If the power adapter charges the phone in summer, both the power adapter and the phone will heat up. Regarding the problem of charging mobile phones with Nank power banks, the research and development of Nank has been exhausted, and finally achieved a breakthrough in this field. The interface part keeps pace with the times, and the USB-A port does not need to be explained. This USB-C port supports two-way transmission. Now the iPhone’s data cable is all USB-C to Lightning, and the connection is also seamless. , Of course, there is no problem with these two ports output at the same time.


Charge at low temperature without getting hot. The Nank wireless power bank POW2 adopts a triple heat dissipation design, and it is not hot whether it is charged wirelessly or wiredly. Why do you say that, mainly because the high-purity polymer lithium battery has low heat generation; the layered heat conduction circulation system is designed to provide strong heat dissipation; the surface material has strong heat insulation and the use of heat insulation materials is exquisite.


Now that the breakthrough that can charge Apple 11 twice is satisfied, let’s guess, which is the model of this Apple phone that is charging? How about this mobile phone desktop, do you want a wallpaper, do not give it, because there is no more, hehe.


According to the regulations of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, this wireless power bank of Nank can pass the security check and accompany you to wherever you want to go. Ultra-light weight of 237g, ultra-thin body of 1.5cm, put it where you want





1. It supports wired and wireless charging, and can also charge Apple Bluetooth headsets wirelessly.

2. Two-way charging, support PD and QC protocol.

3. Hidden mobile phone holder and mobile phone holder.

4. 18w fast charge.

Recommendation: Overall, the Nank wireless power bank POW2 is already very good, but there is also a suggestion that the color of the shell can be diversified, not just a single gray, so that customers have more room for choice.

Summary: On the basis of the advantages and suggestions, it would be better if the Nank logo was added to the surface of the Nank wireless power bank POW2. Many people asked, I have to explain. With USB interface, TYPE-C port, support 10w and 7.5w wireless fast charging and 18w fast charging, 10000 mAh, 6000 rated capacity, so that you can adapt to various scenarios.