New home security equipment, Xiaomi smart webcam with 2K picture quality

In the smart era, most young people will install a smart camera in their home, which can remotely view the situation of the elderly, children, and pets at home, and it can also be used as a security device. If someone breaks the door during working hours, it will send an alarm to the owner as soon as possible, giving the family a point of protection! Since Xiaomi has put on the Xiaomi Smart Webcam Standard 2K, let’s start and experience it decisively!


This webcam is equipped with a power cord with a Type-C interface. Users will no longer have to worry about the problem of plugging the interface wrong, which is pretty convenient.


The camera adopts a circular design, the black area is the lens part, and the middle is set as the main lens. The lens is newly upgraded to a 2K ultra-clear resolution. The 3MP lens can show more picture details. The white part is a plastic shell with a matte texture. Looking at the camera as a whole, it resembles a big eye. The overall size is small, and it does not take up more space in use, and more scenes are used.


There is a status indicator on the top of the lens, the yellow light is always on means waiting for connection and there will be a voice prompt at this time; yellow light flashing means connecting to the network; blue light flashing means connecting to the server; blue light always on means successful connection. The status light can be turned off in the APP settings. The place with the microphone logo under the lens is the mic hole, which supports two-way voice real-time calls, and you can use the mobile phone APP to make voice calls with family members when you are out.


The back of the camera is designed with a power interface in the center, and the interface adopts a groove design. The Type-C interface does not have to be inserted backward. The upper part is designed with a speaker hole, but not a circle, but for the sake of beauty, the non-sound hole area is also designed with a concave hole. The circle below the power supply interface is a magnetic area. With a 180-degree magnetic base, it can meet multiple angles of use.


Below the camera is a MicroSD card slot and the reset button, hidden design, memory card, maximum support 32GB, can be used without installing a MicroSD card, but can not save video, and can not use the review and time-lapse video function.


The magnetic base is matched with the complimentary magnetic metal sticker, you can safely put it on any non-metallic place, and just stick it directly on the metallic place. There is an arc on the magnetic base, and the shooting angle can be adjusted by rotating the camera. The camera has a large viewing angle of 125°, which can monitor a larger area.


Place the camera where you want to monitor, and adjust the lens position facing the monitored area. After the power is turned on, the yellow indicator light is always on, accompanied by a voice prompt, and the boot is successful.


Open the Mijia APP on the mobile phone, add the device, after the power is turned on, it will automatically scan to the Xiaomi smart camera standard version 2K, and follow the prompts then the connection can be successful by step-by-step operation, and the QR code of the magnetic base needs to be scanned during the connection process. 


Click to enter the camera’s management interface, you can view the camera’s shooting screen in real-time. The homepage has 6 function key icons: sleep, sound switch, camera, video switch, image quality selection, and zoom viewing function. At the bottom of the voice call button, click to start a two-way conversation. In the upper right corner, you can adjust the status light, flow protection, smart frame, sleep, picture settings, infrared night vision function, smart scene, etc. Basic common function settings can be completed.