My PS5 PULSE 3D wireless earphones use experience

Here is my PS5 PULSE 3D wireless earphones use experience after been using it for one month.

Design appearance

Here are two points criticized by the Internet, one is all plastic, it looks very cheap. The plastic feel is really obvious, but after a month of use, there are no online earmuffs falling off and the headband loose.

The second is in the round earmuffs. In the current mainstream market, this earmuff design is estimated to be unique. But the comfort is surprisingly good. I don’t feel tired after wearing it for 5 or 6 hours on weekends. There is no discomfort.

Battery life

The official publicity is 12 hours, and the personal measurement is around 11 hours. It’s not bad.

Sound quality

The effect of Tempest 3d is nice. In terms of sound quality performance, considering the price range of $99, PULSE 3D is good enough, but the performance is not perfect.

True Advantage

I personally think that the advantage of this headset lies in its perfect adaptation to PS5 and UI display. It only takes about 2 seconds for the headset to be turned on and the connection is successful, and there will be a prompt and display power in the upper right corner of the screen. It seems to be only a small point, but it’s really worry-free after a long time. The power of third-party headphones needs to be checked through the PS button to call up the device bar, which is still a bit more troublesome.


But all the function keys are concentrated on the left side, it takes a long time to touch the button you want to use, which is a little bit inconvenient.

This PS5 headset is excellent enough at the same price. For ordinary users, this is an entry-level wireless headset that is best matched with PS5.