Orico Smart Charging Station on the Desk

Organizing the desk has always been a topic we often discuss, because a clean and tidy desk can not only create a pleasant mood for us, improving our work efficiency, but also can leave a good impression on leaders and colleagues around us.In fact, the easiest thing to make our office desktop messy, is cable that we commonly used , because our mobile phones, watches and other digital products need frequent charging, it gradually is easy to become cluttered desktop, the ORICO charging station can not only solve our demand more devices, also can let our desktop to keep clean and tidy.





This charging station is one of ORICO’s classic products. Its appearance is relatively round and regular, just like a tour bus. It looks very simple with grey and white color matching. I think it can be put on any desktop to blend in with the desktop without making people feel any abrupt.

The number of slots on the top of the charging bus is corresponding to the number of charging slots, and the space between the slots is well controlled. Even if many mobile devices are charged at the same time, the table is clean and the devices are placed neatly, and it can also be used as a mobile phone stand.



In terms of charging efficiency, each interface of ORICO’s charging station supports a single 5V 2.4a with a maximum output of 14A 70W. In addition, each interface supports intelligent identification, which can match the most appropriate current for charging equipment and avoid battery damage.In addition, the charging station is equipped with an intelligent double-break temperature control function to protect us from charging. When the temperature of the charging bus exceeds 110 degrees or the output power of a single port exceeds the limit, the power will be automatically cut off to prevent accidents.






Each USB interface of the charging station is equipped with an LED indicator light, which enables us to have a more intuitive understanding of the charging status of the current interface.





If you have a lot of digital gadgets, or want to set up a charging station at your company or store to charge your employees’ and customers’ mobile phones, ORICO’s smart charging station is perfect for you.First of all, it not only solves the problem of charging multiple devices, but also solves the problem of cluttered charging cables on the office desktop.In companies and stores, it has obvious advantages. Multiple devices can be charged at the same time to solve the problem of multi-person charging.