“Pegasus” breaks through various phone OS, iOS is not spared: French president urgently changes his phone

The mobile phone has become a “monitor”, involving mobile phone users in 50 countries! Apple was not spared, and the battle for operating system security started.

According to reports, recently, an Israeli software monitoring company was exposed to selling a mobile phone spy software called “Pegasus” to some countries.

The software can break through various mobile phone operating systems, even the most secure Apple system.

At the same time, not long ago, Apple’s mobile phone was exposed to “safety hazards” on the hot search.

According to reports, once this software called “Pegasus” invades the mobile phone system, it can extract text messages, photos, and emails without the user’s knowledge.

Recording calls and remotely turning on the phone’s microphone and camera pose a great threat to data security. Even the iOS system, which has always emphasized “data security”, has not been spared.


Many users asked Apple to provide a solution to the security breach. Apple officially stated: “Pegasus” will not attack ordinary users, and Apple will continue to upgrade to protect users.

However, the discussion on system security issues has not subsided.

According to the report, there are currently more than 50,000 numbers in the list monitored by “Pegasus”, and the list covers mobile phone users in more than 50 countries.

At present, French President Macron has urgently changed his mobile phone and phone number due to the incident.