Pixel 5a will be released in August, it should be equipped with Android 11 system

Since the Google Pixel 5a was accidentally leaked in April by the camera , there has been no news.

For the friends who are waiting for this one, there is still some worry about whether it will be gone, after all, it has been previously rumored that Pixel 5a has been cancelled.

Recently, further news has finally appeared, and it is still time to publish, only about a month away from now.


As for the specifications, it is currently reported that Pixel 5a will be equipped with the same camera specifications as Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5, and the processor may be Snapdragon 765G.

In August, Android 12 has not been officially launched, so the operating system of Pixel 5a should be Android 11 at the beginning, and then upgrades will be provided, and the appearance has not changed much.

Google Pixel 6 will have a relatively large change, the appearance will be completely different, and the specifications will be improved, but the processor may not be the current flagship version, continuing the spirit of Pixel 5.

The release time will have to wait until October, and the official version of Android 12 will also be launched simultaneously.