Portable iWALK magnetic wireless charger

There are more and more mobile phone models that support wireless charging, so in addition to the official wireless chargers of the mobile phone brand, there are also many excellent third-party wireless chargers. Today I will recommend a very interesting wireless charger: iWALK Magnetic Wireless Charger

First, let’s take a look at its appearance




You can see the back is like the ring buckle we usually see on mobile phones, with the iWALK brand logo on it


It’s a charger that you can use Type-C socket.



It can be affixed to the phone. If you use the iPhone12 series, you can directly stick to the phone by magnetic force. You can play games while charging without getting stuck. But other types of mobile phones cannot, so for Huawei P40pro, it can only be used as an ordinary wireless charging base.



Comparing the iWALK wireless charging base with the original charger of Huawei P40pro, they are all charged in the off-screen state, and both start charging and recording from 20% of the phone’s power. The recording time interval is 10 minutes while recording the power of the mobile phone and the charging power at this time. I recorded it into a table and draw it into the following graph.


First of all, it can be affirmed that the charging time of wireless charging is 2.5 times longer than that of the original charger. The use of wireless charging is relatively easier to get hot. During the actual measurement, the overheat protection was turned on at the 30th minute and the 110th minute, and the charging was stopped, and then the charging was suspended for 10 minutes and then the charging was continued (the timing did not stop). The charging method of the iWALK wireless charger is different from that of the original charger. The wireless charger has no trickle charging process, and the power level of the whole charging process is steadily increasing.


This wireless charger is compatible with iPhone and Android phones, but its magnetic feature is specially designed for iPhone 12 series. Other models have no magnetic effect, so the experience will be discounted. Limited by the power and heating of wireless charging, the rate of using wireless charging is relatively slow. The only advantage is that there is no need to plug and unplug frequently. You can make a decision based on your actual situation.